• Turn your list of dreams and desires into a list of accomplishments.
  • Go from self-doubt and disappointment to knowing you can do anything.
  • Go from patches of success to all-around success.

Achieving your goals and attaining all-around success requires all-around commitment. It means you have to stay motivated when the times get rough. It means you must reinvent yourself, so you can become capable of anything you put your mind to.

My work is about providing guidance and support, knowledge and motivation as my clients embark upon and advance along the path to achieving their goals.

  • Are you willing to look back at a list of dreams you never achieved because you simply didn’t get started?
  • Will you continue to wonder if life has a different destiny than the path you have been on all this time?
  • Will you always ask yourself if you could have done something extraordinary?

OR, is it now your time to become the greatest you can be, to reach your potential, to cross that finish line, and to become an inspiration?

Dexter Simon is an IFBB Elite Pro bodybuilder, athlete, trainer, marathon runner, coach and a proud dad. He is a sought-out motivational speaker for youth, adult and family audiences uncovering the powerful truth that anything is possible with hard work, knowledge, discipline, drive and consistency.

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Dexter’s own journey is about the day-to-day commitment, the hard work and the dedication it took to get from starting at the bottom to competing at the world level in bodybuilding in less than 3 years. Becoming a professional athlete in a new sport at the age of 49 requires a certain mindset, specialized knowledge and life change.

Nutrition and training play an equal role in supporting success and Dexter treats them as a science. He leaves nothing to chance, and his knowledge regarding the foods that fuel, specific training exercises and daily workout habits consistently support him and his clients in getting results.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach, and Dexter is accurate in creating an individualized training path that supports each client’s goals. He is a Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist, and has helped many clients rehabilitate from injury to return to competition.

Go beyond what you ever thought was possible and make your dream your own reality. Begin your work with Dexter today.

“Strong minds transcend
all limits”


Discover what it takes

Access Dexter’s knowledge and experience on workouts and nutrition.